"Wuji, is the primordial state of undifferentiated universe. The element that came before, even, than existence itself."

Drawing and observing, writing and listening, creating stories and learning from them... 20 years doing it and we still find difficult to be more specif describing our job...

We have been working in animation, advertising, editorials, Within the last 10 years we have been part of Ediacara Studio, a professional group of creative people who gave birth to several audiovisual projects, currently at various stages of production and development.

We are now undertaking a new creative adventure named as the place where we like to be inspired to create and imagine the impossible. A space always open to our dear old and new friends.

The space where we will keep thinking that the most important thing is not how to explain what we do, but doing it.

Ángel Coronado y Oriol Roca