Hello friends, we want you to know that we like challenges. We have got one more and we want to share it with you: we have a new website and we are very proud of the result.

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This year, we wanted to wish you a great Christmas by choosing two images that emerged from an internal contest between our artists.

The winner of the animated Christmas postcard that we sent via email was Sergio Moreno.

The printed Christmas postcard that we sent is the work of Soraia Serrano, a two-month intern at WUJI HOUSE.

Happy and lively parties to all!

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Since we started the adventure of WUJI HOUSE, we wanted to create a home for us and for all our collaborators.

Our office, in the neighborhood of Gracia (Barcelona), has been created from the needs and tastes of our entire team, because we believe that go to work should be a good experience, full of companionship and creativity.

So we can say that WUJI HOUSE is our house… and yours too! And you are welcome.

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