You are about to meet heroes that will make you dream, love, fear and live a thousand and one adventures.

Great romances, knightly stories, exotic adventures, disturbing mysteries… The characters that make up this collection of illustrated books have lived unique experiences and, now, are willing to share them with you in a very original way.

The collection GREAT LITERARY CHARACTERS allows you to approach the most popular works of literature from a very special perspective: from their own protagonists.

• PROFILE. First of all, we look at the profile character. Why? Because the profile of a person can tell much more than we imagine.

• MY EXPERIENCE. In first person, the selected character explains the adventure that he lived and his experiences with the other characters of the work .

• ALIKES. It is possible that before or after his appearance, our characters had some twin souls. We follow the trail on a double page.

• THE WORK AND ITS WORLD. We review the social and cultural impact of the work or works led by the chosen character in a double closing page.

GREAT LITERARY CHARACTERS is designed as a12 books collection, expandable to 18. The main titles of the collection are the following:

1. CAPTAIN AHAB (Moby Dick)
He lost a leg when he was attacked, and, since then, he has not stopped dreaming of being able to chase it. But the obsessive persecution of the great white sperm whale could have fatal consequences for him and his crew.

2. SCHEHEREZADE (The Thousand and One Nights)
A good story can save one’s life. But would you be able to invent one every night to prolong your survival? This is the wonderful story of a wise woman with the most fabulous storytelling.
3. SHERLOCK HOLMES (The adventures of Sherlock Holmes)
Elementary. We are before whom, without any doubt, is the greatest of the detectives. Nothing escapes his incredible gifts of observation and deduction. But perhaps we do miss some unique details about his personality.

4. JANE PORTER (Tarzan of the monkeys)
Imagine that you go on safari to the jungle, you meet an attractive man in a loincloth and decide to leave everything to stay and live with him. Well, this is more or less what Jane, the surprising companion of Tarzan, is going to explain to you.

5. DON QUIXOTE (Don Quixote de la Mancha)

6. ALICE (Alice in Wonderland)

7. ULYSSES (Odyssey)

8. JULIET (Romeo and Juliet)

9. D’ARTAGNAN (The three musketeers)

10. GENEVA (The legend of King Arthur)

11. SANDOKAN (The Mompracem Tigers)

12. EMMA BOVARY (Madame Bovary)

With illustrations that invite to dream and texts with a touch of humor, the collection GREAT CHARACTERS LITERATURE seeks to promote interest in reading among young people.

A simple and very fun way to expand knowledge and culture.

A collection designed for the reader to develop their imagination and their concern for literature.

30 Pages
From 8 to 99 years