Hello friends, we want you to know that we like challenges. We have got one more and we want to share it with you: we have a new website and we are very proud of the result.

Throughout the process of its creation our goal was to be closer to you. How have we done it?:

  • With a better exposure of our work: now you can see more clearly what we can offer you for your projects of Animation and Editorial Illustration and contrast it with the projects that we have already developed.
  • With the improvement of navigation within the web: we want that the experience of navigation through it a pleasant experience. We have worked on usability and design to make it easy for you to find everything you need.
  • With a more fresh design: Graphic design speaks of us. We have also applied a web design that is at the service of communication. The whole page is in responsive design, so that it is easy to see both tablet and smartphone.
  • With the presentation of our team: we wanted you to know who we are, a group of talented and experienced artists to make your ideas come true.
  • With a more participative website: we care a lot about your opinion and we believe in networking. For that reason from our new web you can share us by different RRSS.

We start a new stage, closer to you and your needs.

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